Building a City

A city is more than a collection of buildings. It’s the people who energize it and the infrastructure that provides a flow for the lives they lead. Uppsala is a place to work, learn and enjoy a rich cultural history and outdoor life. The homes we build are just a small part of our responsibility.

Uppsala can rise above the mediocrity of a sleepy city, creating a unique identity over and above the Uppsalian conventions — an identity with attitude.

Stig-Björn Ljunggren,
Political scientist and columnist

A city with Uppsala’s rich history can easily get stuck in the past. People feel a sense of pride in our historic places and buildings and rightly strive to preserve what has been. But the best way to give life to the city’s heritage is to continue building on this strong foundation and further its development. How can we create the best living conditions for those looking to attend our university, and what can we do to encourage them to stay and continue contributing to the city with their newly acquired knowledge? How do we build an innovative corporate culture that creates new jobs for a changing time? What can we do to make everyday life as easy as possible?

We believe we need to build a modern, sustainable city for all those living here today and for future generations. It’s so much more than just housing. We must strive to create neighborhoods that contribute to a holistic lifestyle, with space for entrepreneurship, entertainment, wellness and culture.

Seeing the Rosendal area emerge is exciting: recreation, new ideas, respect for the surrounding nature and the environment and hopefully, functional interior living. Future generations will go on Sunday strolls and exclaim, 'It’s amazing what they could build at that time. No wonder everyone wanted to move to Uppsala!'

Peter Egardt,
Former Uppsala County Governor

Rosendal Fastigheter in Numbers

under construction





11 000sq m

Population growth is inevitable and we must continue to build our city with Uppsala’s unique cultural values ​​and respect for the natural environment in mind.

Alexander Ståhle,
City Planning Researcher at KTH