Brf Sågverket

Project information

The population of Knivsta is increasing, along with the rest of Uppsala county. Having an attractive and exciting town center is particularly important for the area’s profile, especially considering the amount of people who commute and move through the city square. Our new building is strategically located between the train station and the town square, inviting interaction between residents, workers and passersby. The new building is tall but because it’s surrounded by buildings varying in size and height, it adds a pleasing aesthetic to the townscape.

A dynamic and unexpected design will arouse curiosity among train passengers as they ride by. The complex’s ground level features a glazed, glassed-in shopping centre with terraces and office space. The building’s two towers will house a variety of modern apartments. The town of Knivsta should feel like a vibrant and active city. In order to achieve this, Rosendal has planned an exciting and well balanced mix of commercial and residential features to create a dynamic community.

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  • Planning
  • Sale
  • Construction
  • Occupancy
  • Planering
  • Försäljning
  • Byggnation
  • Inflyttning

Project info

  • Region: Knivsta Centrum
  • Status: Planning phase
  • Architect: Christensen & co



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