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With thoughtful architecture and design, Rosendal Fastigheter creates buildings that reflect  the city’s soul. Places where people meet. Places that inspire and energize. Places to call ‘home’.

With perseverance and a respect for nature, society and the economy, each unique project is designed based on the belief that nothing is impossible. Some things just haven’t been discovered yet.

Welcome to Rosendal Fastigheter.


The Four Cornerstones

We create places we would love to call home. For this reason, we believe we can offer Uppsala residents the best in innovative design, healthy surroundings, green solutions and access to activities and services. This vision for excellence has been with us since our inception almost 10 years ago and will guide us as we build into the future. Each project we undertake is based on our four cornerstones; design, sustainability, service and activity.







Design is not just about good taste and materials. For us, design is so much more. Good design also encompasses smart solutions that focus on you and the place you live. A smart solution should also be beautiful, timeless and inspiring , both today and in years to come. With our innovative design, we strive for projects we can be proud of for generations to come.


With urbanization on the rise globally, sustainability is a given. Environmentally-conscious construction is essential and part of our shared responsibility. For this reason, we are dedicated to finding and implementing new, smart building practices that reduce energy consumption. Another key sustainability practice is the conservation of an endangered resource in our cities --- the soil itself. We plan our buildings and spaces to maximize daily use, year round.


Though the physical structure itself is a key consideration when planning, in order to build a cohesive city, we must create an environment where people want to live. Who would not want to wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread from the bakery around the corner, workout in the local gym or have the opportunity to meet a friend at the cafe next door? It’s important that each new block we build has its own soul and becomes a place people want to be with a thoughtful mix of residential and commercial services.


Our aim is to create buildings and places that encourage activity and social gatherings. We provide expansive common areas and inviting staircases that foster community. We plan simple and accessible training areas and meeting places, both indoors and outdoors. An effective and efficient building or space offers activity at all hours, which in turn creates a sense of security for both residents and visitors to the city.

Our ambition is to give each place its own unique identity. We do this through our architecture, a genuine concern for the environment and respect for the people who will live there.

Gorgen Abrami,
Founder of Rosendal Fastigheter

Key Facts

Founded in 2007, headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden
Focused on housing and urban development
Owned by Erik Rahmqvist AB and HBS Venture AB

Rosendal Fastigheter i siffror.

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11 000sq m